Success Stories

Ninix startup is a startup that has been active in the dedicated market for critical sensors in smart infant care gadgets field since 1395, The main spark of the idea comes from the movie Melbourne, in which a baby died suddenly due to negligence and lying on its belly; So this startup was looking to do something or produce a product to prevent sudden infant deaths. The product of this startup is a smart gadget or device called the Ninix that attaches to infant’s abdomen near the navel; by measuring respiration rate, body temperature and sleep status, the NINIX helps parents to monitor their condition while sleeping or when they are away from their baby, and if there are risks such as sudden respiratory distress (SIDS syndrome), abnormal increases in body temperature (Fever) and inappropriate sleeping status (rolling abdomen before 6 months of age) Immediately examine the condition and take action to correct it. The process of this device is that vital information is sent and stored via Bluetooth to the parent's phone and can be analyzed differently by physicians. If there is a change in any of the vital signs mentioned, there are three types of information levels for parents; In the first step, the notification will be sent, if no response is received from the parent, In the second step, the phone alarms and then a device that is attached to the baby's body alarms, for example if it rotates during sleep, alerts parents immediately and alerts them if a diaper is needed. The collection is currently sensitive to other sensors such as light, sound, noise, vibration, etc. to control all conditions affecting children and to help parents raise their child in the safest possible environment. The components of this device are materials used for making dummies and the energy level used by the device is very low. The data is also being transmitted to a new generation of very low-energy Bluetooth devices that meet standards specific to health-related devices. Raymond's IdeaProcessor (Startup Ninix), the first product of the Ninix Infant Care Smart Gadget, has won many national and international accolades. Designing a Smart Gadget Started in Iran for the first time in 2009, Ninix StartUp achieved the top team of IOTEC conference at Amir Kabir University and with the funding of the Barekat Knowledge Institute in 2008 succeeded in finalizing the product and reaching the Ninix production stage.
Smart baby control tool or smart baby monitor of this startup monitor has already gone through the first phase of mass production and some have been pre-sold and reached the consumer. This year, the Startup has made it into the Top 1500 list of the world's top 20 ideas of the Worldwide Startup Bootcamp in London.
According to tests, the Ninix numbers match the numbers displayed by hospital devices and are highly accurate, so it is predicted that the Ninix will be a competitive product with foreign products.

“the official beginning of production and sales process for Ninix”

Following the successful holding of the online pre-sale campaign on the Nick Starter site and numerous talks with Iranian and foreign investors regarding the market for the Ninix product, Raymond Optometrists Inc., after producing prototypes to deliver to pre-purchased customers, officially began production of the Ninix product after completing the final molds, boards, and parts. At the end of the year 96 Ninix products were officially introduced in the domestic market and according to the negotiations and contracts it was distributed from Tehran. Don't go unnoticed that it is also possible to buy and sell through the site (ninixco.ir). 
Ninix smart Baby Control Tool or smart baby monitor has just gone through the first phase of mass production, and some have been pre-sold and reached the consumer. This year, the Startup has made it into the Top 5 list of the world's top 5 ideas for the launch of the Worldwide Startup Bootcamp in London.
This start-up has been around since April 95 with a group of 3 of Amir Kabir University students working with personal capital and currently an eight-person team working on the project, each with the expertise needed to advance the project. And they have each taken part of the task to have the entire Ninix body run by the team itself. In the meantime, this start-up has managed to attract the attention of domestic and foreign investors throughout the production process until deliverance. 

“The future goal of the Ninix”

Establishing a product sales office in London in the near future to enter product marketing in Europe and launch Ninix in foreign markets is one of the future goals of this startup.

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