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Young people, entrepreneurs, elites, and educators are the pioneer in the growth and development of any society that opens its way to excellence, depending on the conditions in different formats and structures. In this way, those who support, and the partner of the hardships and disadvantages of the path, share in joys and achievements, and those who stop and stone are condemned to be eliminated and to be honest with success. We have decided to accompany the success, not to be a barrier. Good or bad, the path to success and progress is always tough and uneven, and those who wish for success and determination must advance and prepare themselves for this rugged and rough path. Nowadays, these hardships and complexities have raised due to the external and internal barriers and the different nature of the near future with the far-reaching past, which requires the reconstruction of many structures. Young people, entrepreneurs, creative companies and elites, although own the creativity and capacity for this rugged route, are sometimes tired and unable to face the big barriers. We seek to help those who set foot in this harsh and holy path to hopefully move towards the destination, and the rocks and livestock of the route will not stop them moving. We are not the first in this direction; we are not the best and the greatest, but our team at the Barkat Knowledge-based Institute is trying to be a good supporter of those who want to build their own future and their country. Therefore, what we have to do with our strength, credibility, resources and experience is to empower and motivate ourselves to make progress and remove the barriers facing young people, entrepreneurs, startups, and scholars, with the help of God and the efforts of the youth to have a share in the bright future of dear Iran.

The institute, as the executive arm of the Imam's command, looked at the following as its vision and mission and began its activities in Bahman 1394:


  1. Pattern (Islamic-Iranian) in the field of knowledge-based economy
  2. Promising for the Iranian elite
  3. Attractive for elites and elite institutions
  4. Leading in investment, acceleration and support for innovative and knowledge-based businesses
  5. Economically efficient
  6. A reputation in the country's entrepreneurship ecotype



  1. Participate in bold investing in knowledge-based and innovative businesses
  2. Creating or participating in the creation of effective and participatory institutions in completing the value chain of entrepreneurial ecotypes such as accelerators, investment funds, start-ups, and collective work space
  3. Support the creation of the necessary infrastructure for knowledge-based and innovative businesses
  4. Eliminating the barriers to knowledge-based and innovative business
  5. Contributing to promotion activities, such as holding events related to innovative and knowledge-based businesses, media support, networking and education
  6. Participating in the context of resilient economy policies, with an endurance approach to entrepreneurship and safeguard the supreme value and status of science and scientist in society.
  7. Helping to create more and more opportunities for improving the entrepreneurial environment and the infrastructure for the development of knowledge-based and innovative business.

New Financial Technologies (FinTEC)

Content, entertainment and creative technologies

Health and Biotechnology

Software technologies, services and innovative business models

Advanced hardware and hardware

Collective financing


Payment/remittance/ customer loyalty


Manage personal and corporate assets (wealth tec)

Legislative technology (reg tec)

Mobile games

Smart toys



Medical equipment, in particular orthopedic and consumable

Diagnostic kits based on DNA reading

Electronic health

Recombinant drugs

electronic commerce

Software as a Service (SaaS)



Scalable mobile applications

Internet of things

Electronic vehicles

Advanced materials


The battery



Activity method:

  • To become active in novel entrepreneurship ecotype, we began team building and recognition as a major actor in direct business investment from the start of our business. By doing so, on the one hand, we have developed the processes and mechanisms necessary for the operation, and on the other hand, we have created the necessary mechanisms of support in the institution (Governments have a number of limitations for risky interactions with businesses that we should be aware of and for each one, a solution is provided).
  • Establishing or strengthening institutions that pursue each of our missions and goals independently and centrally is one of the most important approaches to the activity of the institution. These include accelerators, risky investment funds, fund of funds, corporate venture capital (CVCs), innovation centers, rolling platforms, mentoring networks, and so on. These institutions should be created with private partnerships for continuous activity and clever influence. Simultaneously with the direct presence in the ecotype, we have identified or created these institutions.
  • According to the institute's conditions, some of the structural constraints were put in place in order to focus the actions on each of the target areas of the creation of five specialized companies. Curently, we have been successful in setting up the respective company in two areas of Fin-tec and Health. As a result, the institute will become owner of five specialized arms. Each of these arms will follow the same model of creating the necessary institutions and direct investment.
  • With the emphasis of the chair of the headquarters of activities in the provinces was on the agenda since the end of the year 1397. For this purpose, the provinces of Khuzestan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Kerman, Kurdistan, Khorasan Razavi and West Azarbaijan were selected and establishing or strengthening the infrastructure of the activities of the teams, investing in provincial teams, and endeavoring to form the ecotype of the active people in the entrepreneurship of the targeted provinces was considered.

Contact with Barkat

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you own an investment plan for new businesses, send us your plan by following the link below. Our experts will meet you after studying the project or you will be introduced to our partners who can better help you.

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