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The Barkat Ventures as a knowledge-based institute is established as the Imam's Command's Executive arm is in the development of knowledge-based economy. Our mission is creation and expansion of the ecosystem and infrastructure for the development of knowledge and knowledge-based activities of scholars in the country based on Islamic-Iranian models. In this regard, we have relied on and made use of the potential of domestic scientists and experts, the use of global experience and knowledge, and effective cooperation with institutions active in the field of science, technology and economics.



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Ba Salam

Ba Salam is an interactive platform for connecting without intermediaries of domestic, rural and very small businesses to final consumers. By focusing on domestic, traditional and local products from all over Iran, Ba Salam has provided new sustainable revenues for households across the country on the one hand, and on the other hand, has provided access to healthy, authentic and non-industrial products for its users. Currently, Ba Salam has more than 3,000 booths as suppliers from all over Iran, offering more than 40,000 products.

Oxygen Saz

The idea of manufacturing an oxygen-making machine started in the year 1396 in the center of growth of Sharif University and after the R & D and experience of producing various samples in 1395, he obtained a license to build a medical equipment office. Within six months, this product has gained 5% of the market share of the domestic oxygen maker products and plans to increase its market share by 10% over the next six months. In addition, the company's development program is the development of portable oxygen maker devices on one side and sleep disorder devices (C-PAP and BIPP) on the other side. The value of this business has increased by 10 times during less than 1 year of operation.

First Quest

1stQuest is a comprehensive platform that helps foreign tourists to research, plan, and purchase their tourism services to travel to Iran. The idea of this business was formed in 1393 due to a university project at the Faculty of Management of Sharif University and 1stQuest was born in Bahman 1393. After four years of ups and downs, two successful Pivot (successful strategy change), attracting three investment rings and attracting more than 4,500 tourists to Iran, 1stQuest has become a well-established and successful business maximizing market share fast. Based on the experience of the past, now 1stQuest not only considers itself to be the leader of Iran's online inbound tourism market, it also thinks about expanding beyond the borders of Iran.

Phone pay

Sarina Mobile Solutions Company (phone pay), as an active mobile payment start-up, is considered a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods, began negotiations with Tehran Taxi Organization in Ordibehesht of 1396. Since the beginning of Tir, the company started its activity as a leading provider of payment via QR code physically in Vanak Terminal Taxis in Tehran. Since August 1397, with the participation of the Barekat Knowledge-based foundation, phone pay activities took place more vigorously.


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