Success Stories

Sarina's Mobile Solutions Company (phone-pay) entered into negotiations with Tehran Taxi Organization in Ordibehesht 1396 and began its activity on the Vanak Terminal in Tir of the same year as the leading mobile taxi pay application. Phone pay is active in mobile payment and is considered a convenient alternative to the traditional taxi cash payment method, which has had a lot of trouble paying for change. This company is known for its pay as you visit payment platform via QR Code in taxis of Tehran as the first provider of urban change services in taxis. With more than 470,000 users in Tehran, has provided paying more than 28,000 receivers. Beside taxis, Phone pay is also busy with other receivers adding more receivers in order to provide more complete mobile payment service to its users.


Some of Phone pay’s features include:

• Speed and ease of payment: Increase the speed and simplicity of payments that are performed several times a day

• Payment security: No need to disclose card information and bank account to others

• Environmental Responsiveness (Greenness): By reducing the amount of paper used, you will be able to contribute to environmental protection.

• Eliminating money and its troubles: Everything is on your mobile. For small payments, you will not have to worry about wasting money.

• With Phone pay, your payments will be charged on your mobile phone simply by a few clicks.

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