Success Stories

“Zist Tajhiz Sharif” company started its work in 1393 with a team of graduates from Sharif University and Tehran University. The goal of the company is the design and production of medical equipment based on the latest knowledge and technology of the world. With the help of the country's most prominent experts, we try to offer high quality and affordable products to our customers and we always strive to provide our customers with excellent after-sales services. The first product of our company is a home-made oxygen machine that is used for patients with heart, lung and respiratory problems. The brand of this product is Oxygen Plus with an output of 5 liters per minute including the following features:


Lighter, less noisy and less consumable


Lighter, less noisy and less consumable; these three words are very pleasing to the ears of patients in need of oxygen throughout the world who rely on home-based oxygenators for their daily needs. Enjoying the pleasure of using Oxygen Plus by “Oxygen Saz” without repair and maintenance, which is fully covered by the Noble Bio Technology Service, a tech specialist in providing oxygen, should be pleasant to your ear too. It assures you that you can make the most of your equipment inventory potential while minimizing or eliminating any waste of time.

The technology used in this machine, without the need for filter, experience, and skill, provides you with the best of life in a smaller device that both the patients and their physicians are happy with and meet the needs of your work. Save both time and cost with Oxygen Plus!


With modern design in harmony with any decorations


Today's oxygen maker should not diminish the beauty of the indoor environment of the patients' homes. The Oxygen Plus device is small, considering the inclination of today's patients to have a non-medical and non-hospital appearance devices that is very small and at the same time looks just like the audio-visual devices of modern homes. The stylish, lightweight device with 360-degree circulating featured wheels allow you to easily transport oxygen plus over carpets and it is easy to move with the patient from one room to another without any hassle. The very low weight of 15 kg of oxygen plus will help the patient and supplier to easily relocate this device.


Gift of "Voice of Silence"

Oxygen Plus helps your patients work and focus effectively without any audio intrusion from an oxygen-making device by their side at home. The low decibel level of this device means that you no longer need to use long tubes to get away from a noisy device. Oxygen Plus brings a silent voice to the patient's bedroom, and this silent device even allows patients who are extremely sensitive to noise to easily sleep without restraint and relax.


High power along with low consumption


Oxygen Plus is the least consumable and the smallest low-energy oxygenator of 5 liters per minute available on the market in Iran only consumes 350 watts of electricity, thus reducing energy costs by reducing energy consumption and thus responding to the growing global energy needs.

Native Technology of Zist Tajhiz Sharif Company brings you a highly reliable oxygenating system with the first-class equipment that can be built to meet your needs at home, at the hospital or clinic 24 hours a day, every day of the week, even in the most challenging environments.

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