Success Stories

The Luxin startup was formed in Ordibehesht 1394, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology. Where some of the college's alumni found high prices for foreign products in an effort to smarten up one of the university's laboratories. The group’s believe in its technical capabilities to localize these products and believing in the emergence of IoT technologies was the sparks to form a start-up business in this field. After many years of Luxin activities in IoT and smart home field, this startup has become a successful electronics manufacturer in Iran. The company's activities have led to the expansion of its sales network and services throughout Iran and the presence of Luxin Tech brand products in neighboring countries. 
Luxin has always strived to incorporate the latest technologies in the world of IoT, wireless communications and smartening into its products. These innovations are also prominent globally. Luxin is one of the first smart home brands in the world to use LoRa wireless technology to develop smart home products. LoRa technology is growing rapidly in Iran, and Luxine considers itself a pioneer in introducing this technology to Iranian professionals. 
The distinctive features of Luxin's smart home products include the ability to add new features and features to remote products, the use of solid state relays to maximize product life, ease of installation, and ease of installation and reasonable price. In addition, the localization of user interfaces to meet the specific needs of Iranians (Farsi language, Hijri Shamsi calendar, religious time schedule, etc.) has made using these products much easier and more user-friendly for our dear compatriots.
The company has had several rounds of fundraising in its growth and has hired a large number of in-house specialists. In addition to its financial success in commercializing Iranian-made technologies, the company was selected as one of the top 10 Iranian startups in the biggest stage startup competition in Iran. Luxin will represent Germany and Iran at the Bits & Pretzels Exhibition in 2019 as one of the biggest technology and startup events in Europe.

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