Success Stories

Hoom is a startup that has been working in the field of IoT since 1396. The initial idea revolved around the smart door. The product of this startup is a smart door opener that allows you to open your parking lot door via mobile and provides access to this platform. With the support of Hardtec Accelerator, the Hoom team gained good experience working in the field of IoT and, after suffering several failures and efforts, was able to produce a product that was welcomed by the market.
The main product of this startup, smart parking lot opener, has some features that make it easy to install and use. This product enables users to create new access to mobile phones without the need to pay for new remote devices. The ease of launching the product that comes with a mobile app is another attraction. 
Hoom has received a good feedback of market in the sale of this product and was ranked first in the DMOND IOT Pitches event. It was also among the top 8 startups in Iran among more than 600 startups at the Sid Stars event. This led to this startup reaching out to numerous investors, and eventually made Ken's home appliance as an investor among the bids available.
The first 500 batches of this product were produced and all were pre-sold. In the next step, the production of 1000 batches was planned and carried out in May and another 1000 batches were planned. So far, virtual home keys have been used more than 100,000 times, and this startup now operates in five cities and is seeking to increase that number so that it can represent all parts of Iran. The startup has now made it possible to open a parking garage door using mobile phones, and plans to do so by developing two more products for the front door and apartment front door. Since the current keys need to be ported, and also if the key is given to someone when using the key or whether it is a different version of the key, it is not detectable and creating a new key to create new accesses is another problem. Given these problems, this startup is seeking to change the concept of key by designing and developing digital keys that can be accessed through mobile phones.

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