Success Stories

“the beginning”

It was Aban 1396 that the original idea for Hamian was formed by a team of four. After a month of market research, product design process and development began, and after a two-month uninterrupted effort by the team The first version of Hamian was released in March, that with its help, executives and members of family loan funds operating as a lottery could easily use their funds to carry out their fund activities and no longer have to worry about payouts, lottery and fund accounting. The next target for the product was savings funds, which operated as a savings fund, similar to a family bank. It has also been added to make it the first and most complete online lending fund management platform.


So far, despite the many challenges and the low age of the Fintech (financial technology) industry in Iran, in less than six months of operation, it has hosted more than 2 billion USD in turnover, 6,000 active installations, 1,000 transactional funds and 6,000 active users.


With our goals from the outset, we achieved our first goal of facilitating the challenges and processes of borrowing funds, with a special market welcome, that was the result of the team's unceasing effort, trust, and support from the Barekat Knowledge Foundation of Hamian team.
But this is just the beginning for Hamian. Our concern, at Hamian, is to solve small loans problem for our dear people. Lending loans that all people have access to, not just a few, and thanks to God, we do not spare any effort to achieve this. 
Hamian is the story of "us" that want to show that together we can eliminate our financial worries. We all came up with the idea so that we could revive the gathering coffers. So that we can provide the opportunity for our fellow citizens to grow financially, given the limitations and possibilities of the modern world.

Together, for each other, with Hamian

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