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Vice Presidency for Science and Technology

The Vice Presidency for Science and Technology can be considered as the most recent institutions of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the field of scientific progress and development, which was established in 2006 and approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in order to support and strengthen the scientific and research activities of the country's elites. The Science and Technology Vice Presidency has also been created in order to promote national authority, wealth generation and increase the quality of life of the people by increasing the capabilities of technology and innovation in the country and promoting the "National Innovation System " and completing its components and circles. Other objectives, such as the "knowledge-based economy" development through the inter-system and intersection coordination and synergy, the promotion of the relationship of "knowledge" with "industry" and "society", exchange facilitation between the supply and demand sectors of technology, the innovation and commercialization of technological and innovation achievements and development of knowledge-based companies have also been considered in establishing this institution.

Mr. Sattari's presence in the eleventh and twelfth government has revolutionized the scope and model of scientific deputy activity. Considering his pivotal role in the field of knowledge economics, since the beginning of the activity of the institute and cooperation with the Vice-Chancellor of Science in various areas and activities, some of these activities are:

  • Collaborating on setting up a “Notech” entrepreneurship event
  • Commercialization and development of technology in the field of nanotechnology and biotechnology
  • Investing in specialized accelerators
  • Support, provision and development of physical infrastructure and collaborative work space
  • Facilitate the processes and issues of knowledgeable companies such as military matters, social security, customs and tax laws, registration of companies and obtaining licenses.

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