Our Strategic Partners

Mobin Electronics Development of Iran Company

The Mobin Electronics Development of Iran is a specialized holding of the Executive Committee of Imam Khomeini's command in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which operates in communications and information technology. The range and diversity of subsidiaries of this holding is a good opportunity to invest or buy and integrate knowledge-based companies and startups for entrepreneurship ecosystems. On the other hand, big economy holdings are a good opportunity to provide the infrastructure or development of the product market and the commercialization of emerging businesses. In this regard, the Institute and Holding of “Mobin” have identified joint plans to boost businesses in the area of electronic payment, artificial intelligence, blockchain and content, which are listed below as part of the program:

  • Joint venture in startups
  • Investing in higher stages or buying and integrating teams related to Holding activities
  • Joint investment in artificial intelligence accelerator
  • Joint investment in Blockchain accelerator
  • Provide initial infrastructure and market for startups active in the city and the university

Contact with Barkat

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you own an investment plan for new businesses, send us your plan by following the link below. Our experts will meet you after studying the project or you will be introduced to our partners who can better help you.

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