Our Strategic Partners

Barekat Pharmaceutical Company

Barekat Pharmaceutical Group, with the goal of developing specialist drug technologies and addressing the basic needs of the country, has succeeded in commercializing the knowledge-based products to make an effective contribution to the market of this strategic product. The existence of research infrastructures, technical up to date knowledge, researchers, etc. in the set of companies affiliated with this holding and the formation of a specialized health care company, has led to the development of relations and contributions of the institute and the blessed drug group. The followings are some of the topics and titles of these collaborations:

  • Contributing to the creation of “Health seed fund” (with Alborz Pharmaceuticals)
  • Contribution to investing in recombinant drugs
  • Participation in the initial investment to set up a distribution platform for health products (OTC drugs, medical equipment and supplements)
  • Contributing to the creation of a healthcare specialist in drug production
  • Utilizing of the “Barekat” Pharmacological Capacity for Business Development

Contact with Barkat

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