Our Strategic Partners

Barekat Foundation

Considering the recent mission of the Institute for the development of entrepreneurship in the country , the priority of less developed provinces, its alignment with the inherent mission of the Barekat Foundation on the value of social creation and the provision of services to the deprived people in these areas, both sets decided to take serious steps cooperating and taking advantage of the existing technology and innovation capacities in the country to promote the indigenous empowerment of these regions and create sustainable development. In fact, “Barekat” Foundation as the bridge and the arm of the institution's interaction in the less developed provinces has contributed to the growth and development of entrepreneurship ecosystems in these areas. Among the common actions of the Institue and “Barekat” Foundation, the following can be mentioned:

  • Formation of a joint fund "Rooyesh Barekat" with the aim of investing in business projects in deprived areas,
  • Providing and subsidizing educational subsidies in deprived areas through the “Rayad” Startup platform,
  • Serving the flood-hit provinces of the country through the launching platform "Ba-Salam"
  • Investing in native and regional businesses through the "Nikstarter" platform.

Contact with Barkat

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