“Rouyesh” from the south

Friday 17 May 2019 / Jafar Esmaeli Khanian /

“Rouyesh” from the south

The “Rouyesh” project is being implemented in cooperation with the “Ba Salam” foundation, the Science and Technology Parks of the Provinces and the “Nicstarter” System in Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchestan. In the fall of this year, with the cooperation of companies and groups such as the “Barekat” foundation, Khouzestan Province Science and Technology Park, and the “Nicstarter” Collective Financing System was started and by the winter of this year, began the process of implementation of the Khuzestan province with the aim of supporting and empowering provincial businesses. The first and second steps of the project started from the provinces of Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchestan, and Ilam and Chaharmahal Bakhtiari provinces are the next steps.

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In this plan, the provincial businesses of Khuzestan province are first identified and examined. Registration began on Dey 25th, 1397, and was extended to provincial business since Farvardin 20th, 1398. During this period, businesses that have the highest capacity in terms of growth, ideas, manpower and product production, and service delivery, are selected and come to an acceleration stage. In this section, the organizers of Rouyesh are working to empower these businesses by providing advice and guidance to help them grow further and ultimately be able to play a role in the growth of the business ecosystem in the province. Businesses that ultimately come out of the acceleration phase can make their product or service collectively better available to the public in a nicer way, with a budget that comes from a total of popular support, to bring the product to mass production and develop their services.


How can fundraising help business owners?

Collective financing or crowdfunding method is one of the most commonly used methods for collecting funds for business development. Thus, businesses introduce the idea, service, or product that they have produced to the public through a collective financing system and put it at a pre-sale price at less than the cost of production. After the end of the financing period, crowdfunding also transfers funds collected from popular support and sales to businesses in order to support the services and products at the hands of the people. The NicStar’s goal is also the first and last support as one of the foundations of the organizer. Support that can be financial or non-financial. Businesses, sometimes isolated from the budget, also need counseling and acceleration so that they can find the right path to their growth. Nicstarter is looking for this form of immersive support. A support in which good ideas, products, and groups can ensure that they go the right way for growth and can sell it before they market their product and target their audiences and customers. Growth facilities and tools for all businesses nationwide are not distributed equally, and some require special support and attention. The idea of the “Rouyesh Project” has germinated by feeling of need. After a certain period of development, it is now safe to say that the joint feature of these teams is a good and executive idea and team-motivated members. As a result, they will be able to reach maturity and enough conditions to set up a business and attend a business in crowdfunding.

What have we done in this plan so far?

The activities that have been done so far have been numerous. News conference was held in Ahvaz City with the presence of managers of Khuzestan’s Science and Technology Park and managers of the Nikstarter system. Relationships with active Khuzestan teams continued in the province, and finally, the meetings were repeated on Bahman 24th , 25th in Boot Kamp of Ahwaz. In the meantime, there were numerous consultations with regard to the scope of each business and its active work space. For further training of Khuzestan Provincial Ecosystem Activists, a separate workshop with focus on familiarization with investment methods, familiarity with collective financing or freight financing, and familiarization with commercialization methods for free products, was held on Esfand 6th. In this workshop, more businesses were introduced to the project, and the number of enrollments in the project were relatively good.

Plans for the year 1398

In Farvardin 1398, after selecting and announcing the selected businesses in “Rouyesh Project”, the selected groups may present their business on the day of the demo of the project, Farvardin 22nd, in the presence of a group of event organizers. These teams will enter the accelerated phase, and receive a better Nik Starter crowdfunding after receiving the advice and guidance needed to reach maturity. These steps are implemented over time for all the provinces where the plan is being implemented. The “Rouyesh Project” is now under construction in Sistan and Baluchistan province, in cooperation with the province's Science and Technology Park. The press conference was held on Bahman 24th in Zahedan, and businesses from the cities of Zahedan, Chabahar and Iranshahr have participated in the project so far.



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